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Assign a Subdomain to Elastic Beanstalk and Enable HTTPS

· 2 min read

To enable HTTPS (easily), make sure you created one Elastic Beanstalk environment with Load Balancer option.

Create Hosted Zone

  • find Route 53 in AWS console
  • choose hosted zones on the left
  • click create hosted zone
  • write your as domain name, choose public hosted zone and then click create hosted zone

Edit TTL (optional for testing)

  • find the NS record in this hosted zone, select and click edit
  • change TTL to some value like 900 (15 min), by default the value is 172800 (2 days)

Add Alias Resource Record

  • click create record in this hosted zone
  • just leave blank for record name
  • enable alias and assign route traffic to as your elastic beanstalk application
  • click create

Add NS Records for the Subdomain

  • go to your domain provider and find the place to add records, for example, in Google Domains, go to DNS and find custom resource records section
  • copy and paste the NS record in the hosted zone that you created just now, for example, in Google Domains, name should be subdomain (some providers use, type should be NS and data should be the values from NS record in the hosted zone, there might be several lines of value and you could use the smaller + sign to add them in one record
  • could also set TTL to 900

Change TTL back (optional)

  • if you lowered TTL for testing, don't forget to change them back to default value

Request a Certificate

  • go to Certificate Manager in aws
  • click request a certificate, choose request a public certificate
  • type your and then choose DNS validation
  • choose to import the CNAME record into Route 53 automatically

Load Balancer Configuration

  • make sure you created an environment with load balancer
  • go to your elastic beanstalk environment
  • click configuration on the left side bar
  • find load balancer and edit
  • click add listener
  • port is 443, protocol is HTTPS and choose the previous created certificate as your ssl certificate
  • click add